China’s Technology Catch-up Strategy is a Model for Development

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CHINA’S GROWTH STORY HAS been a model of envy for many countries in the last few decades. A key component of this remark¬able tale is the technological catch-up strategy that China factored into its development archi¬tecture. Countries such as Germany, Japan and South Korea had excelled in this realm in the past. China is a latecomer to this process, beginning to redefine the global technologi¬cal architecture. Michael T. Rock and Michael A. Toman take up this key theme with a clear focus on Industrial Development, Energy Effi¬ciency and CO2 Emissions to dexterously artic¬ulate the trajectory that China carved for itself since embarking on a reform program.
The central argument of the book is that China has been incredibly successful in cut¬ting down its CO2 intensity of GDP and indus¬trial production. The authors attribute this accomplishment to policies and institutions that the Chinese government put in place over the last three decades. This process facilitated the enhancement of technological capabili¬ties in the industries, suggesting that there is robust correlation between the two processes. The authors have selected four key industries for detailed analysis to demonstrate the pro¬gress that China has made in enhancing its technological capabilities by using the catch-up strategy.

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