Developing a Homegrown Defence Industry

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“Make in India” has to include radical reforms in the Indian defence sector, which has so far not realised its potential, thanks to several barriers. Better sync of the military and civilian sectors to synergise military competence, the use of private sector for R&D in production and innovation and tying up with foreign partners for high-end technologies from abroad would be worthwhile measures.
ON ASSUMING POWER IN 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government generated huge expectations of a major transformation in the area of defence industry. The government announced a “Make in India” programme as a major priority to not only “rev” up manufacturing in India, but made defence production a critical element of it. Announced as a national programme, policy changes have been since made with the expectation that these will facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance skill development and help build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure.

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