For “Make in India” in Civil Aviation, Level the Playing Field

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THERE IS ONLY ONE driving force, perseverance, to succeed in most business endeavours; and this holds good for national campaigns such as “Make in India” too.
Good fortune, fortuitous positioning as well as scores of other “factors” are unimportant. To succeed once could be attributed to a multitude of factors. However, to repeatedly achieve success, one needs determination and grit. This translates work into an achievement. Indian aerospace engineering skills stand up to the best the world has to offer. All it needs is an opportunity for India’s young and brightest minds to channel their skills and energies in a direction that is focused to create intellectual and other forms of wealth for the nation.
With the gradual opening up of the aviation sector in India, new avenues and challenges are emerging. But they do not mask the fact that the Indian private sector is already beset by a number of concerns in civil aviation, with the single largest being the lack of a home grown industry with a global footprint. India has no locally manufactured aircraft sold successfully in any other country. A substantial part of the reason for this has been the traditional, lopsided policy of the Government in favour of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), and especially Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs).

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