Issues of Identity Dominate Europe’s Interaction with Asia


The year ahead may well be a critical turning point for the finest quarter of this century, with various factors in play through events dotting the canvas of history and reinforcing feelings of belonging: to local, regional and global communities.
We already acknowledge the notion that the current era of rapid globalisation imposes its own character universally, binding together polarities and blending differences. Viewing events unfold, as if through powerful lenses, some gain in significance, becoming markers for rational or emotional outcry for change.
When the arena of change is the globe itself, embracing so many local worlds and myriad visions, and when what is at the stake is identity, then the lenses of history can only sharpen the focus on this issue.
What we are destined to experience this year and in coming years underscore an eternal question of “who we are” or “who I am”.
It seems to be a dominant factor in today’s political, ethnic, religious and individual lives.
Whole countries and even regional organisations, besides various communities and individuals, ask this question. Keeping this question in mind, they organise, structure and mobilise themselves.

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