Malala: A Poem

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She was just a little girl intent to be free
To hop and sing like a little bird in the tree
Purveyors of hate at her their worst did hurl
Ugly minds out to crush Mingora’s precious pearl
Miracle it was that saved her to have her say
Spirit uncrushed to triumphantly rule the day
Read and write, dream of faces with a smile
That is all she wished without an iota of guile
Why should the mighty an innocent child so fear
Her ambition only to make proud her parents dear
The power of the words that expressed her thought
They feared would take away all they unfairly sought
Daughter of the mountains, freedom’s new hope
She stood defiant, giving ignorance no scope
Blessed are we all for she showed us light
As chill grew she protected us from blight
When darkness surrounds and our spirits decline
Malala remains a beacon of inspiration sublime
The valley she loved, the mountains she adored
Surely shall see peace and tranquility restored
The world will discover that peace has great power
Equal are we all, to share, not be selfish or sour
Malala showed us the smile behind every tear
Led us to the path that overcomes all fear
Alphabet of knowledge her true companion for life
Instrument to vanquish all conflict and strife
The world will one day be free of darkness and pain
Our hearts no longer burdened by injustice’s ugly stain
What joy to behold a million Malalas celebrate
Equal right in life to contribute and participate
Frightening what might have been the human state
Had Malala timorously succumbed to gunpoint fate
There is triumph for now, but many trials ahead
To vanquish destroyers of life who worship death instead
Her courage parts the clouds for the sun to shine
With her around, pain disappears, we feel just fine
They asked her name and shot her in the head
Blind they were not to have crowned you instead
Malala, through the world does your call resonate
Gather they shall all for you at freedom’s gate.

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