Man's Journey Back to Nature can Arrest Deforestation


Progress has not come to humankind without pain. Over two millennia, the evolution of civilisations and the dawn of industrial and technological revolutions have dramatically improved the quality of life. In its wake, the world has been ravaged by natural disasters. This development-cum-devastation-drama has been enacted in many developing counties across the globe for centuries.
Today, in the second decade of the 21st century, the world is reeling under the impact of climate change and global warming. Untimely cyclones and hurricanes ripping through cities and devastating floods taking a heavy toll of life and property have become a frequent occurrence that have rendered powerful countries such as the US helpless. Ecologists say that one of the major factors contributing to climate change has been continued deforestation the world over. Deforestation is the ‘permanent removal of standing forests,’ as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines it.

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