Picking Apart Conflicts, Seeking Resolutions

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Our world seems to be dotted with conflicts, making peace-building process a perennial and challenging task for all the concerned stakeholders: state and non-state actors, policy makers, mediators and negotiators. Peace and Conflict 2014, while striving to offer a factual depiction of ground realities in as many as 26 conflict zones in 22 countries across the world, also throws light on the risks of inbuilt political and social instability. This book offers relevant insights.
The book is a treasure trove, methodically collated and analysed by a group of scholars of repute; striking for its applicability to various burning situations.
Importantly, it focuses on the study of conflict and peace-building at the micro level; covering an array of key topics such as ethnicity, climate, foreign aid, sexual violence, mass atrocities and terrorism, as well as humanitarian and reconstruction responses.
A biennial publication of the Center for International Development and Conflict Management(CIDCM) at the University of Maryland, Peace and Conflict 2014 lives up to expectations of making academic research on the issues such as terrorism, democratisation, peace-building and development more accessible to policy and decision makers.

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