Urbanisation Tests Will of China and India to Overcome Social Tensions

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BY 2030, FIVE BILLION out of the world’s total projected population of 8.1 billion will live in urban areas.
By 2030, about 54.5 percent of Asia’s popula¬tion will be urban, and 53.5 percent of Africa’s.
Asia will have more than half of the world’s urban population. India and China alone will account for more than 62 percent of Asia’s urban population growth.
The above predictions, drawn from the “UN-HABITAT State of the World Cities” Report, highlight the urban potential and challenges of two of the fastest growing econ¬omies of the world – India and China. McKin¬sey Global Institute states that by 2025, China will add 400 million to its urban population, accounting for 64 percent of its total popula¬tion; while India’s urban population will grow by 215 million people.

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